Injection Nozzle Seat

About this product

The Injection Nozzle Seat (#11176-26020), a crucial component in the injection nozzle system of Toyota engines, plays a primary role in controlling fuel flow within the engine. As part of the fuel system, its function involves ensuring the optimum amount of fuel is delivered to the engine during operation. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts is important for optimal compatibility and operation. Toyota's genuine parts warranty supports this component, reinforcing the emphasis on part quality and longevity. Over time, the Injection Nozzle Seat (#11176-26020) may wear out, become clogged or non-functional. This could lead to inefficient fuel usage, reduced engine performance, or potential engine damage. Therefore, periodic replacement of this component is necessary. The Injection Nozzle Seat (#11176-26020) contributes significantly to the overall fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Its effective functioning leads to optimal fuel combustion, crucial for smooth engine operation and ensuring safety standards.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 11176-26020

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