Shaft Snap Ring

About this product

The Shaft Snap Ring (#90520-99005) is a vital component in the Drive-Chassis Front Axle Housing & Differential and Drive-Chassis Transfer Oil Pump systems of a vehicle. This auto part, specifically designed for Toyota vehicles, has a key role of holding other components in place on the driveshaft. This job is vital as it ensures that no parts dislodge when the vehicle is in motion. Over time, the Shaft Snap Ring (#90520-99005) can wear out, break, or get clogged, compromising the safety and efficiency of the systems it operates in. Replacing worn out or damaged Shaft Snap Ring (#90520-99005)s is crucial to avoid potential mechanical failures and to uphold optimal vehicle performance. Toyota’s genuine Shaft Snap Ring (#90520-99005)s are not just built for compatibility with your vehicle, but they also come with the Toyota genuine parts warranty. Investing in genuine parts like these helps maintain your vehicle's health and longevity. The Shaft Snap Ring (#90520-99005) is an essential piece that contributes to a vehicle's overall function and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90520-99004
Part Number 90520-99005

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