Front Bumper Filler Retainer #3

About this product

The Front Bumper Filler Retainer #3 (#52523-35030), a critical part of the Radiator Grille system, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your Toyota vehicle. This Body part is designed to securely hold the bumper filler, a piece that smooths out the transition between the bumper and the car body, in its proper place. Over time, the retainer may wear out or break, leading to a loose or misaligned bumper filler, which can compromise the vehicle's aesthetic and aerodynamic properties. Replacing worn-out retainers with genuine Toyota parts, which are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, can help maintain vehicle compatibility and preserve your vehicle's authentic design. The retainer also contributes to the safety and efficiency of the vehicle by ensuring that all parts in the Radiator Grille system are securely fastened and function seamlessly together.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 52523-35030

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